Detoxification with the change of seasons

Detoxification gives our elimination organs a chance to “freshen up” from the rigors of the Christmas period and all those social events that seem to occur more regularly over Summer.

Typically to aid this process, we need No or Low levels of: Wheat, Sugar – white especially,  Dairy – pure yoghurt in small amounts is ok, Alcohol, Caffeine based drinks incl. tea and coffee, Red meat, Canned and processed foods.

Using a glass of filtered water with a squeeze of fresh, tree ripened lemon juice 1st thing in am and last thing at night is also a good way to support the eliminatory pathways – remembering that this is short term use only as lemon juice contains Limonene which can ,with prolonged use, cause gum recession.

Using Detox kits are a wonderful way of helping the body with the expulsion of accumulated metabolic waste. This is the cellular waste that naturally builds up over the course of the day, made worse with the consumption of foods that cause an increase in metabolic waste, eg , alcohol.

If done correctly, like the regular servicing and maintenance of your car,

cleaning your system up should improve:- Energy levels, Digestion, Joint health, Exercise recovery, Vitality and often a lot more!

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